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Software Development Methodology

Make informed decisions to manage the system and bridge the gaps

It is imperative for systems to succeed – Get rid of confusions and make informed decisions on how to manage the system and bridge the gaps

All-in-All Development Procedures

Goals without a plan are just a wish- Meet your goals with the best use of our various Software Development methods. Choose the most suited option to fit your needs, budget and time

Custom Software Development Methodology

Combining benefits of several standard development process models, we have devised a simple and easy to understand approach to custom software development. Our experts are well-versed in methodologies like Agile, Waterfall, Prototyping and Scrum.

Our aim is to have a transparent and smooth manageable process that permits refinement, flexibility, and progress review after each phase.

custom software

Application Maintenance Methodology

Leverage our professional capabilities to maintain your obsolete technology systems in the right way! Reduce TCO, support costs and enhance your systems continuously with our services

Production Support and Administration

  • Configuration Management
  • Application /Server/ Database Monitoring
  • Schedule Maintenance and Defined Activities

Ad-Hoc Requests

  • Issue Troubleshooting and Bug Fixing
  • Reporting


  • Change Requests
  • Feature Request and Value Additions
  • Performance Optimization

Issue Troubleshooting and Bug Fixing

  • Problem Reception
  • Request Classification
  • RCA and Issue Reproduction
  • Bug Fixing Process
  • Quality Check
  • Release


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Scoping and Clarification
  • Layout Approval
  • Implementation
  • Quality Check
  • Release


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Scoping and Clarification
  • Impact Analysis
  • Prototyping and Approval
  • Implementation and Quality Check
  • Release

Application Migration Methodology

We have successfully partnered with global big-wigs to revamp their legacy systems using emerging technologies. Our migration skills are built on a strong foundation of in-depth functional knowledge and noteworthy technical expertise. Owing to our well-defined approach, it is a smooth transition for your organization to meet critical business goals.

Our team of experts strongly adheres to the process of detailing needs, planning, precise impact analysis to understand required architectural changes, and appropriate selection of technology.

After successful execution of all above mentioned parameters by our experts, seamless re-engineering of legacy systems takes course and is released as per the requirements.

CMS and E-commerce Project Execution

With our in-depth expertise of CMS and E-commerce, we have designed delivery methods to offer you with the most suitable strategy, approach, platform, and documentation for your requirements

Analyze Requirements

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis of Available Platforms
  • Best Fit Identification

Detailed Planning

  • Theme Identification
  • Plugins/Extensions Identification
  • Customization Development Plan
  • Execution Plan

Design and Development

  • Custom Theme Design
  • Theme Implementation
  • Plugin Integration
  • Customizations and Integrations

Release and Deployment

  • Beta Release and UAT
  • System Administration Walk-Through
  • Content Setup
  • Go Live

Support and Maintenance

  • Technical Support
  • Bug Fixes
  • Regular Monitoring

Product Development Methodology

Blending our proven processes and best practices, we have designed product development methods with a consultative approach to ensure minimum changes when it is applied to your organization

Idea Generation and Pre-Study

Product Development

Product Testing

Product Release and Maintenance

Product Enhancement and Migration

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