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Dedicated Development Team

Rely on Hai Technologies for years of experience, technical expertise, and customized solutions

Hire dedicated teams of technocrats that cover every development phase and fulfill all your project needs with the highest possible outcome within time and budget

Looking to Hire Dedicated Teams for Development?

Dedicated development team for hire service is for those organizations or individuals who wish to hold complete control over the project and team but without getting involved in complex issues like administrative management, dedicated team management, and workplace organization hassles while saving up to 65% of development team costs.

At Hai Technologies, when you hire dedicated development team, you get an assembled team of expert software engineers, project managers, QA engineers, and other professionals who are best-fitted for each specific project.

Setup an Offshore Dedicated Development Team with Us

Let’s Take Your App to the Finish Line

Hire a dedicated development team from Hai Technologies to kick-start your development process. When you hire dedicated app development team, you get a pool of experienced professionals, like DevOps engineers, web and mobile app developers, and other specialists who offer their unwavering dedication exclusively to your project.

By hiring a dedicated team of developers, you may delegate all administrative tasks and increase your on-site technical capability at the same time. Along with these facilities, your offshore dedicated team can take advantage of office infrastructure, accounting and management support, required tools or devices, apps, licenses, and more. A dedicated development team will have unique access and a strong security system in place if your project demands a high level of confidentiality.

Why Most of The Companies Choose Our Dedicated Development Team Model

Zero Recruitment Costs

You can focus on your business without worrying about HR operations since we manage resource recruiting and retention. Hiring dedicated development team would be a perfect fit for you

Ease of Expanding

Our dedicated development team model gives you the freedom to scale up or down resources from your team as per your business demand and scope of work

Unrivaled Engineering Expertise

As a renowned software development company, we have the best industry professionals who have extensive experience in software development and possess strong analytical skills

Flexibility with Control

While you can scale the team as per your project needs, you also get full control over the development process. This makes a strong reason to team from Hai Technologies

Scale Up Your Engineering Skills with Our Full Stack Dedicated Development Team Services

Expand your development capabilities, embrace new technologies, and build your software product with our remote dedicated development team expertise and extension services. Hire dedicated team from Hai Technologies to solve your business challenges

Software Development Team

Depending on the scope and timelines of your project, you can hire dedicated software developers ffor a faster development process. Our development team ensures that the developed website works properly across all web browsers

Web Development Team

Our web development team helps you streamline your business workflow and automate complex requirements to build custom web applications. Our dedicated teams use modern technologies and industry-best development practices

Mobile App Development Team

If you plan to build a mobile app, you can hire dedicated mobile developers who excel in this field. Our mobile app developers will help you build intuitive, feature-rich, and user-friendly iOS, Android, cross-platform, and hybrid mobile apps

DevOps Engineering Team

Our DevOps experts will take care of your product and extend round-the-clock support in the course of development. We will orchestrate the development process and operations and make the development more efficient

Cloud Development Team

We help you scale up and transform your business by building robust and secured cloud applications. Our cloud experts will build and integrate custom cloud-based apps aligning with your requirements and maximize productivity

UI/UX Designers Team

Our dedicated UI/UX experts will build an intuitive product that looks attractive and user-friendly. Our UI/UX team can easily translate your needs into a masterpiece, attract a good number of visitors, and grow your user base

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