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Healthcare IT Services

Add more ‘care’ to healthcare by developing intelligent digital health solutions for you

Healthcare IT services from Hai Technologies help clients achieve a high level of automation, modernize infrastructure, and improve operational and financial performance

Healthcare IT Consulting Services to Optimize Your Business

Deliver measurable results, reduce downtime, improve process efficiency, and solve clinical and technical challenges with digital healthcare solutions from Hai Technologies

Modernize IT Services for Healthcare Industry

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and health emergencies, the healthcare industry is undergoing a massive transformation in regulatory rules and policies. This particular sector is on the verge of adapting to the evolution of IT solutions that could transform operational workflows.

And to ensure the continuity of the healthcare industry’s demands, we infuse modern-edge solutions to reinvent health services and enhance your financial sustainability. As one of the best healthcare IT consulting firms, we will assist you in modernizing your business operations and delivering future-ready care to your healthcare venture.

Realign Your Goals with Offshore Custom Software Development

New Customers

Futuristic, scalable and custom-made software solutions to project your USP

Retain Clientele

Super responsive UI that brings in swift navigation to enhance customer experience

Foster Collaboration

Power packed failure-resistant apps to facilitate data, services and product exchange

Boost Revenue

Efficient tech stacks for designing bespoke, target oriented and impactful digital solutions

Healthcare IT Support for Various Sectors

Our IT services for healthcare help healthcare providers address unique business requirements and deliver the best patient care using digital health technologies

Healthcare Payers

We can assist you with increasing market share in areas with flat-growth, creating and acquiring new, high-growth markets, reducing your Medical Loss Ratio, deploying analytics to extract valuable information, enhancing user experiences, and accelerating automation

Healthcare Providers

Embrace the latest digital trends to offer your customers superior healthcare at a reasonable price. We help you improve patient care and achieve a winning position with a proper strategy, backed by a personalized operational model


Reinvent your business model and lead the path to success. We help pharmaceuticals and biotech companies to perform flawlessly across all dimensions, from R&D and supply chain to operations and every other area of commercialization

Rethink Patient Care Delivery with a Healthcare IT Consulting Company – Hai Technologies

We have an experience in expanding caregiver reach to provide superior patient care to numerous patients and enhance services for new revenue streams. We also help healthcare organizations identify new ways to treat patients and manage diseases with personalized health IT solutions

Healthcare Consulting

We understand the need for financial, operational, and administrative workflow in the healthcare organization. Hence, we aim to deliver digital healthcare innovation, business operations, and enterprise software platforms with our expert healthcare consulting services

Hospital Information Systems

We build customized hospital information management system that takes care of hospital staff, HIPAA/HITECH compliance, and patient care under a single hood. We also help you to optimize, monitor, and manage the business workflow using Hospital Management System

Healthcare IT Support

IT support for healthcare is essential to make your healthcare organization more competitive. Hence, our healthcare IT experts offer cost-effective managed IT solutions that give support for interface customization and maintenance to meet the unique needs of your business

Telemedicine Software

Our telemedicine app development services enable patients to engage and communicate with healthcare providers for remote diagnosing and vital tracking (pulse, blood pressure). Patients can also view their previous records and consult with doctors again for better treatment

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our RPM software helps healthcare providers to collect and monitor patient’s detailed information. It also integrates with healthcare IT systems, like HER, HMS, etc. With our RPM software, we will help your staff, patients, and practice thrive in today’s digital era

Software as a Medical Device

Our SaMD offers various medical IT solutions like medical image viewing, medicine dosage calculation, treatment planning, and asset tracking with IoMT software. Our software helps you collect data from various devices and alerts you for highly critical conditions

Hai Technologies – Your Trusted Healthcare IT Consulting Company

Choosing the right healthcare IT outsourcing company is essential to convert your project ideas into success. Only dedicated developers can guarantee business continuity through scalable digital products.

Our unparalleled capabilities of medical IT services and healthcare IT solutions have been a key differentiator for the firm.

Highly effective project management system

Niche expertise and superior coding abilities for different projects

The market

Fully-functional team with a flexible approach for projects

A talent pool of 650+ full-time experts and professionals

Extremely transparent and collaborative development

Enterprise-Grade Healthcare IT Solutions We Provide

Healthcare Mobility

In the mobile-first era, our healthcare mobility solutions help healthcare providers to collaborate on a secure platform to provide the best patient care and needed things for routine checkups

EMR Software Implementation

Shift your traditional approach to patient data management with our EMR/EHR software implementation. Our healthcare IT specialists can assist in maximizing system performance


We have developed a wide range of customized HealthTech software that streamline and automate HIPAA compliance workflows with IT governance frameworks

IoT-Based Solutions

Our healthcare software developers utilize modern technologies and industry expertise to get insights from health-related data that help you reach newer avenues of IoT solutions

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