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Insurance Software Solutions

Save time and costs for insurers with greater user experience

Bring a paradigm shift with advanced Insurance management system to create better visibility and agility that save time and costs for insurers

Insurance Management System

Delivering modernized Insurance Software Solutions to insurers with more time to market, greater user experience and proactive approach to manage risks and compliance

Methodologies We Follow in Custom Software Application Development


We use the greatest DevOps practices, assisting your company in achieving the desired transparency and real-time decision-making for all undergoing developments


Our team at Hai Technologies has extensive knowledge about agile methodology in software development, ensuring to offer a high-quality software solution in a given time


By adapting Scrum methodology, we ensure to deliver flexible, quick, and adaptable solutions throughout the software development lifecycle for your project


We follow the best practices of the Waterfall methodology to ensure the successful execution of each phase of the project lifecycle before we move on to the next phase

Premium Innovation

The time is right to be blown away by innovative Insurance management software- Get driven by data, add transparency to your systems and build credibility for your brand.

Aegis from Hai Technologies!

  • More time to market products with streamlined operations
  • Grow your business and increase customer retention
  • Boosted employee productivity with a collaborative platform

Wind to Your Sails!

  • Mitigate risks, regulatory compliance and balanced investments
  • Reduction in loss adjustment expenses with claims process
  • Better compliance with insurance industry regulations

Bond Well with Insurance Agency Software

Technology Consulting

Insurance companies are braving challenges of high rising operating costs, substantial losses due to untoward events, declining consumer demand, and falling ROI. With Hai Technologies take smarter decisions with:

  • Multi-channel integration
  • Mobility
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Data analytics
  • Business intelligence

Seamless System Integration

Enrich your process with the real-time information exchange. Our experts integrate a number of customer-oriented systems using modules and plug-ins to facilitate your organization with:

  • Payment gateway
  • Rate engine
  • Analytical tools
  • CRM and business system
  • Social media

Modernizing Legacy Systems

With tailored components from Hai Technologies, get modernized legacy systems, smooth data migration, enhanced flexibility, reduced disruption and mitigate risks. Our experts help you in main functional areas like:

  • Instant quote generation
  • Policy renewal and documents automation
  • Policy purchase and distribution compensation
  • Online application submission
  • Responsive website design

Tailored Insurance Application

Policy/product management, process automation, and workflow optimization, Hai Technologies evolves customized insurance applications that simplify functions. It’s essential components are:

  • Claim and quote modules
  • Content and document management
  • Report generation
  • Endorsements systems
  • Premium financing

Insurance Software Solutions

Adapt to digital transformation of insurance landscape to get better understanding of customer related requirements and enhance back-end processes

Insurance Brokers

Stay alert as the industry becomes more strategic and automated. Get configurable Insurance Software Solutions to leverage high-end flexibility across the full insurance life-cycle and take decisions faster than ever

Insurance Agencies

Manage policy and client information on your fingertips easily. Optimize your revenue growth with easy access, instant quotes, process endorsement and renewals, review reports and invoices, and much more with Insurance agency software

Insurance companies

Beat the competition with a customizable Insurance management system to help design roles, products and processes by Hai Technologies. Leverage our technical expertise to improve efficiency and expand market presence

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