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Software Development Engagement Models

Most-suited engagement models that fit your business demands

Discover preferable and most-suited engagement models that are best-fit to your business requirements and create happy experiences

Moving Ahead of Needs

Our Motto: Singular focus on serving customers by adhering to industry best-practices and help them with better cost management and minimal risks

Effective and Efficient Engagement Models

Team Hai Technologies consists of best-in-business minds that can be hired for various types of turnkey projects. We believe in creating long-lasting bond with you- as we create highly robust solutions for your requirements.

Technology-wise there are turbulent times ahead; with emergence of new technologies. To balance your shaft well, we offer the flexibility to choose from multiple engagement models to improvise your IT effectiveness and meet your strategic goals.

Let us make a pact of becoming reliable partners –And not just vendors or clients!

Culminating Needs to Solutions

Fulfil the most distinctive needs of your business with our well-bred technology and domain expertise and solutions that fit as a perfect knob in puzzles

Fixed Cost Model

  • The scope of the project is precisely defined
  • Changes in SOW are treated with separate estimation and prior budget approval
  • The project is devoid of external dependencies and follows straightforward timelines
  • The customer is billed on pre-defined milestones
  • Involves the technology that is fairly relevant in the market
  • Ideal for one-off projects that are required by the end customers

Dedicated Resource Hiring

  • The scope of the project is non-decided and efforts are difficult to measure
  • Involves emerging technology and long term engagement
  • Projects with open-ended SOW that require iterative development
  • Flexibility to change team size based on project requirements
  • Involves parallel development of hardware and software or development teams
  • Suits for Proof of Concept based projects and billing is at fixed price

Hourly/Time and Material

  • Project scope is partially clear and efforts cannot be estimated
  • Involves evolving concepts and frequently changing parameters
  • Nature of work is intermittent in nature
  • Projects that require incremental development
  • Suitable for support and maintenance of small to mid-sized applications
  • Billing is charged based on the actual amount of time and efforts spent

The Age of Hybrid IT Models

Get the perfect balance of evolving technologies and meeting your needs by using a hybrid model; while you embrace change as the only constant technology

Business Model with Combination of Fixed Cost, Time and Material Models

  • Suitable when initial requirements are not clearly defined
  • Requirement gathering phase is conducted on hourly basis and once proper requirements are defined- the development commences on fixed cost basis
  • Get the best of both worlds as you have the requirement properly documented and the project is developed within set deadlines
  • It saves considerable amount of time and money for you

Business Model with Combination of Fixed Cost and Dedicated Resource Hiring

  • It is highly suitable when there is no documented concept and you would like to conduct a pilot project to foresee commercial viability
  • Highly suitable for product development
  • Requirements and certain select modules are prepared on dedicated resourcing hiring model by preparing the basic framework for the solution
  • It can help you understand how the solution or product would look like and decide on how to proceed for further development
  • The development is undertaken on fixed cost that is milestone based. It helps to plan the launch of the product or solution well

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