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CRM Consulting

Level-up your customer satisfaction to ensure a smooth business process

Whether it is our customers or their end-users, customer satisfaction has always been our strongest suite

CRM Consulting Services

Create meaningful customer experiences by turning your data into profitable insights with our effective CRM consulting services and implementation

What is CRM?

A Customer Relation Management Solution is the baseline for an enterprises’ interaction with existing and probable customers. It channelizes sales growth through data analysis from various communication channels like websites, telephonic interactions, email conversations, live chats, marketing drives and social media.

Integrate CRM solutions into your enterprise systems for:

  • Automation of Sales and Marketing Processes
  • Integrating Sales and Marketing Systems
  • Implementing Cloud Based System with High Security

A Leading CRM Consulting Firm for Integration and Implementation Services

CRM Consulting Services

We have expert analysts who research and analyze can your business requirements and help choose an ideal CRM solution for your organization based on data.

CRM Strategy and Planning

Understanding the business requirements, collaborating with departmental heads, building technology architecture for successful implementation of CRM. You name it, we do it!

CRM Software Implementation

In alignment of your business goals and customer expectations, we can help you make the right choice of CRM and then seamlessly implement the same in your organization.

Data Digitization and Migration Services

Whether you need to digitize your offline data or make it easily accessible for the CRM platform, we have the resources for all your requirements to make the process hassle-free.

CRM Customization Services

Every organization has different business processes and different organizational culture. We can provide CRM customization services that aligns with your culture and not the other way round.

CRM Training Services

Apart from CRM implementation, we can also provide intuitive training services to our clients and the CRM users for a smooth transition on the platform.

Data Digitization and Migration Services

Whether you need to digitize your offline data or make it easily accessible for the CRM platform, we have the resources for all your requirements to make the process hassle-free.

CRM Integration Services

Every company has their own tech ecosystem and we can integrate all the other platforms with your CRM without any disruption to the business culture.

Hire Best-in-class CRM Consulting Services

Improve lead conversations, unify customer data and boost sales rates with world-class CRM Consulting from Customer Relationship experts at Hai Technologies. We craft dynamic solutions for both B2B and B2C enterprises and the expertise of our developers in terms of sales intelligence has helped enterprises improve conversion and as well as retention rates for increase of substantial revenue

We help you select and implement CRM solutions that works best for your industry

We craft CRM systems and apps to optimize existing CRM solutions for boosting productivity

We offer extensive CRM Consulting services after analyzing your business processes

We help with CMS platform selection as well develop bespoke CRM features

We set up and optimize CRM, migrate enterprise data and train your internal teams

From CRM audits to optimization, upgradation, configuration and integration – we do it all

Does Your Business Need a CRM Solution?

Customer Relationship Management Solutions render a unified platform for tracking and managing customers across several channels with ease. We bring all customer-focused data on a unified location to provide end-to-end visibility on clientele while offering easy access of all data to internal teams for identifying leads, contacts and to engage, track and manage them efficiently.

Integrating CRM solutions allows business enterprises to uncover valuable insights about customer needs and preferences. Personalize communications, provide relevant information and deliver extremely consistent experiences to improve customer satisfaction and increase retention.

Secure robust future growth

Improve customer service and engagement

Implement web and mobile solutions for maximizing ROI

Your customer data managed on a unified platform

Your long-term accounts get a personalized service approach

Areas to Engage Our CRM Consultants

When it comes to developing CRM solutions, our expertise spanning over 20+ years makes us masters of pathbreaking innovations in a number of areas:

Gap Analysis

Quantify and analyze gaps between existing system and future growth prospects and prioritize actions. We conduct in-depth analysis of your existing processes, your business goals, apps running and formulate a consolidated report that can be beneficial while crafting growth-focused business processes, application development and enterprise app installation.

Solution Design

Find solutions that are bit fit with your organization and decision-making processes; save time and money with working solutions. We offer appropriate design solutions by working in close collaboration with your internal teams. Our design teams start with several options and assist you in choosing the most appropriate solution according to your business prospect.

Process Transformation

Modernize your existing business processes to attract new streams of revenue. Hai Technologies’s CRM experts are adept in identifying the lags in your business process and will help you transform legacy business processes by integrating new perspective to drive your business goals. Expect a full spectrum of support and transformation services to help you make a shift.

App Modernization

Get done with outdated apps that carry security and privacy risks. Uncover your true sales potential with a modernized take on existing apps. Our experts will boost your client relationship rates by modifying or entirely rebuilding legacy apps by upgrading your tools to boost your enterprise process and get your business ready to face the challenges of growth.

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