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Application Modernization Services

Optimize your IT infrastructure for agility and resilience to become future-ready

Leverage application modernization services to overcome the barriers of digital transformation and rapidly respond to new demands of business and market

Reinvent Your IT with Top App Modernization Services

Supercharge your legacy technology with application modernization services that help replatform, rehost, recode, rearchitect, reengineer, repurpose, and even replace older IT assets. Team up with Hai Technologies to extract the business value locked in your legacy application with IT modernization solutions that can accelerate sustainable growth. We provide full-suite

Leading Application Modernization Company

Is your enterprise IT hindering your business processes owing to aging, redundant, and poor architecture? Hai Technologies holds the sharpest skillsets and best-in-market expertise for business application modernization solutions that can help increase architectural flexibility, automate infrastructure monitoring, and minimizes capital spending.

As a leading application modernization company, our team aims to offer zero-disruption modernization solutions to enterprise businesses like you. Global brands trust us because our technology solutions are tested in 25+ markets worldwide. We follow strategic modernization approach and adapt practices that will help you benefit from the technological transformation at minimal risk scenarios.

5X Your IT Capacity with Our Full-Suite Legacy Application Modernization Services

Legacy Application Assessment

Derive new value from your existing IT technologies with our application modernization assessment process. Our IT modernization consultants provide a risk-free roadmap to help:

  • Quantify ROI of application migration and modernization for your unique business case
  • Strategize zero disruption legacy system modernization lifecycle
  • Create a plan for future readiness of your business application

Legacy Application Migration to Cloud

We have expertise beyond end-to-end cloud app modernization. Our legacy application modernization services help drive scalable business values post-migration to cloud. We assist:

  • Re-host an on-premise app to cloud
  • Optimize IT through cloud collaborations to AWS or Azure
  • Zero-downtime migration of database, OS, and CMS to cloud

Legacy Application Re-engineering

Our technology experts have rock-solid experience in transforming legacy applications to meet modern business goals. We make shifting to modern IT environments robust with:

  • Application refactoring solutions for a seamless tech transition
  • Application containerization services to upscale IT systems at speed and with efficiency
  • Application re-platforming to achieve flexible app architecture

Legacy Mainframe Modernization

Our tech experts modernize the legacy system mainframe workflows to a highly scalable, dynamically newer platform with low code development methodology. We help with:

  • Proven de-risking and upscaling mainframe migration solutions
  • Best form of automated app DevOps lifecycle
  • Microservices for lightweight app architecture

Don’t Let Legacy Systems Impede Your Business Growth – Consult Hai Technologies Today!

With the old strategies, it becomes a challenge to attain new business heights. Similarly, web solutions such as applications, systems, solutions, and products developed in outdated technologies cannot address varying business needs. Leverage our extensive experience in Application Re-Engineering. We also help you with performance optimization that can draw out maximum performance from your IT environment.

Our experts harness the tremendous amount of information stored in your systems through complex analytics. Leveraging comprehensive insight of this information, we align your business data, business processes, and solutions to extract maximum value. Enable application/product migration to enhance the performance, efficiency, and productivity of a stable running application and smoothen the business operations. Hai Technologies experts can migrate coding, language, operating system, database, architecture, and open-source integration of old application to modern technologies.

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