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Application Management Services (AMS)

High grade application lifecycle management to scale up quickly with modern operations

Application Management Services (AMS) from Hai Technologies will help you acquire support, monitoring, enhancement, and optimization to keep your apps running smoothly

Fuel Your Application with Impactful App Management

Application management from Hai Technologies helps you develop long-term strategies for your application portfolio with comprehensive external support, covering all IT needs. Our KPI-based app management keeps your apps in sync and yields enormous business value while minimizing upkeep costs

Application Performance Management Competencies

Robust application performance management software from Hai Technologies will help you experience complete transparency and receive consistent updates of your app portfolio. Moreover, you can get detailed reporting on implementation, activities, and feature additions through our app management services.

By deploying our application management services your business can overcome technical and operational challenges, thus improving application performance and enriching business interactions.

  • Monitoring and performance management
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Information management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Enhancements and integrations
  • Optimization
  • Change management

Our Application Management Software Services

Our application management software activates deep scans into anomaly detection, localization, and rectification to address daily operations with round-the-clock application management support

Mobile Application Management

IT managers can limit the sharing of company data among apps using mobile app management by implementing corporate policies on mobile devices. Additionally, it also bifurcates personal data from the business apps and data

Enterprise Application Management

Do you want to enhance your applications across your network? We provide enterprise application management solutions to improve your productivity and reduce expenses by enhancing your network performance and experience

Application Delivery Management

Our ADM services can simplify application delivery management with holistic visibility and operational consistency across your cloud environments. It will also help you accelerate troubleshooting and gain valuable insights into ADM infrastructure

Application Configuration Management

You can centralize the management of application configurations using our application configuration management. This improves service capabilities for situations like big data, DevOps, and microservices, as well as more convenient configuration management

Hai Technologies as a Differentiator for App Management

High-end Consulting

Implement sturdy application lifecycle management and business-critical application management services, and strategies designed for your enterprise app through a finely nurtured consultative approach from our experts

Structured Process

With a clear focus on implementing agile methodologies into the development and subsequent management, you can derive value and sustainability from intricately structured established processes of app management for your business

Experienced Developers

Deploy teams of highly experienced specialized developers from Hai Technologies for a high-value customized product or mobilize equally capable full-stack developers for a rapid TAT through our optimal application management

Effective Communication

Our development team just doesn’t keep on coding and developing software endlessly. We take out time to listen to your project requirements and understand business objectives. Hence, our response time is unbelievably quick

Domain Proficiency

Acquire empowered application lifecycle management with the latest technology resulting in highly intuitive, capable, efficient and engaging applications and application management created by proficient domain experts

Multi-Tier Support

Cover multi-tier support services for comprehensive application management support services ranging from intrinsic components of app management like troubleshooting, performance monitoring, server configuration

Right Application Lifecycle Management Services for You

Manage Costs

Cope up with growing IT environment complexities while supporting crucial application lifecycle management and business processes with zero downtime at extremely competitive costs. Assess and analyze systems and work upon recommendations for re-architecting and introduction of continuous delivery to reduce total cost of ownership through intuitive application project management

Scope for Innovation

Achieve greater ROI with technical innovations for application development services, resulting in efficient business processes and round-the-clock support. Realize the untapped potential of your existing application through rigorous consultations and route mapping to settle upon app management strategies to unleash your application’s potential to the fullest in the market

Stay Relevant

Revel in state-of-the-art application project management processes and industry best-practices combined with cutting-edge technology and the latest tools deployed to deliver best-in-class customer experiences and a finished product that meets all specifications, requirements and business objectives while staying relevant in the ever-evolving application lifecycle management ecosystem

Be Cloud Ready

As a pre-requisite for application performance management, join the exodus to the cloud and keep ahead of the crowd with flexibility and scalability applicable to all application tech components and service offerings through extensive application project management. Choose from established cloud monoliths like Azure, AWS and their kin or from specialized ‘boutique’ clouds to run your computing

Embrace Agility and Security

Incorporate the benefits of agility and DevSecOps for accelerated operations, QA and IT security to reinvent app development and delivery. Adjust features and service offerings dynamically to cater to the changing needs of customers and markets while breezing through app management obstructions of operational and financial challenges for agile and effective application management

Dynamic Scaling

Adopt application project management thought leadership pertaining to concepts of design thinking, microservices, and service architecture for effective application performance management and the flexibility of scaling projects up or down. Deploy business insights gained through a consultative approach and achieve process improvements and augment revenue

Open Integration

Evolve, innovate and integrate with third-party systems for optimum functionality and achieve better business outcomes. Boost output by ensuring that the right resources are mobilized for specialized tasks, be it development teams, technology assets or third-party APIs to empower your business application with custom app management supporting easily integratable application assets

Enhanced Performance and Stability

Cut down on maintenance and lagging while boosting application development through interconnected systems, smooth cooperation and eliminate repetition by implementing sophisticated QA that enables quick adaptation while addressing issues like peak performance, responsiveness and application stability thus ensuring value through targeted application performance management

Fine-tuned Application Management

Open to addition of quick projects for greater functionality

Micromanaged system administration

Help desk services with SLA frameworks

Analysis and reporting

Application life cycle management, support, enhancements and bug eradication

Rapid execution of Service Requests, Application Administration and Release Management

Supported roll outs, upgrades, extensions and migrations

Application Management with Hai Technologies

Activate deep scans into anomaly detection, localization and rectification with expert application management services designed to fit the application lifecycle management niche of your enterprise app

Component Monitoring

Track performance metrics, tier and component readiness of servers, integration components, services, features, third-party APIs, and databases. With cognitive problem management, you can leverage advanced analytics for your business

Performance Calibration

Customize resource allocation and adjust system-parameter settings with studied configuration changes, application lifecycle management and fine-tuned SQL queries for improved efficiency, supported by established methodologies and tools

Migration Assistance

Build feature-rich migration frameworks with established application project management methodologies to ensure smooth shifts and secure data migration to your new application inclusive of infrastructure, ERP and middle ware

Available Architecture

Leverage high availability architecture to define components, modules and facilitate implementation of services to ensure optimal operational performance. Transition from build to operate with intuitive app management architecture

Production Support

Access high levels of IT production support services and maintain operational efficiency while eliminating downtime and meet evolving requirements. Evoke foresighted strategy, reliable and resilient solutions for smooth operations

Enhanced UX

With synergized application management services sporting short-release cycles aligned closely to business outcomes for improved application life cycle management, you can leverage optimized deliverables and meet clients expectations

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