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Web Application Development Services

Advanced Web App Development Services trusted by 98% CTOs

Web application development services help you to create and manage secure and sophisticated web-based applications using modern frameworks

Build Innovative Next-gen Web Apps with a Trusted Web App Development Team

Hai Technologies is a leading web app development company specializing in designing and developing a scalable and secured web application that caters to your business needs. CTOs choose our web-based application development because of high ROI. Our web developers integrate specific techniques to design advanced web systems development.

Meet Timeless Web App Development Experience

Satisfied clients come from various scales of business and niche industries. We have delivered highly satisfying legacy modernizations to scalable and agile microservices with our deep tech expertise.

  • Custom business web apps
  • Re-engineering legacy web apps with advanced frameworks
  • Serverless microservices based web apps
  • Multiservice cloud-native web apps
  • SaaS based web apps serving several clients
  • Single page front end development
  • Ecommerce and M-Commerce mobile apps
  • Integration between platforms
  • Web portals for documentation
  • Workflow automation and analytics

Web Application Development Solutions – Integrating Agile from Start to Finish

Being one of the Top web application development companies globally, we have worked with more than 3000 businesses from 28 nations. At Hai Technologies, we house 650+ professionals with deep tech expertise and vast knowledge who work across time zones to fit into your project requirements

Sprint Planning

Sprint road mapping is a collective planning effort from your chosen band of developers at Hai Technologies. Team members collaborate to gather specific project requirements, clarify concerns and ensure shared understanding

Regular Dev Updates

Transparency is our core approach to any tech project. We conduct regular stand ups, weekly demos, and reviews make sure you are aware of any developmental concern and flag off any issue in time

Tech Architecture

Our goal is to simplify complex web systems for enhancing operational efficiency. We break monolithic applications into microservices and this code decoupling moves the development lifecycle independently and faster

Code Reviews

Our QA experts review all codes before final release to protect your system from memory and file leaks, performance errors and general bottlenecks. We ensure that a faultless software product is released

Advanced Web App Development Services Rated 4.8*/5*

Web App Development Services are aimed to build and scale web app solutions using the latest technologies and frameworks to fulfill unique and customized requirements. As a leading custom web app development service provider, with have 650+ skilled providers who have delivered 4200+ successful digital projects to startups, mid-sized corps and Fortune 500s

Low Code/No Code Development

Now build top-notch web apps with zero complex programming requirements. Our expert web app designers have built thousands of advanced apps in minimal time with our Low Code/No Code Development Services

Front-End Development

Feature-rich, client-side modules and intuitive UIs built by our professional front-end developers come with uncompromised performance status and have facilitated seamless, hassle-free user interaction for numerous businesses

Back-End Development

Ensure smooth data flow between servers, databases and apps using cutting-edge server-side technologies and frameworks. We integrate PHP, ASP.NET, NodeJS, Django to create web apps that consistently implement business logic

DevOps Consulting Services

Bring in operational efficiency with certified DevOps experts. Automate your cloud environment, standardize infrastructure deployment process and deploy advanced systems on the cloud ecosystem seamlessly

Legacy Application Modernization

Is your web app dated and failing to comply with modern standards? CTOs from 28 nations trust us for functionality enhancements and building better integration capabilities through web application services

Salesforce Integration

Trust the judgment of CTOs in your business line. 650+ experts in our web app development team are amongst the top 1% globally and trained in Salesforce services to help you integrate your existing application with Salesforce CRM

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