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IT Outsourcing – Our Approach

Making offshore outsourcing a success with strategic approach

Seize true balance between excellence, innovation and cost. Driven by a candid commitment to the vision of each client, we have an ‘eye to detail’

IT Outsourcing- The Way it is Perceived

‘Lift and Shift’ of work from organization to IT providers has been on the rise. The inherent key challenges throughout the process may make you ‘Rethink Outsourcing


Difference in time zone and lapse in communication, it’s not like going to the next desk and describing your problems


Lack of visibility/transparency to current operations, progress etc. Subcontracting without enough knowledge


Unnecessary extra time, longer development process, poor understanding of requirements, escalating fees and outsourcing costs


Challenge in retrieving information at a time, lack of trust to have easy access and receipt of the solution on time


Lack of expertise and availability of skilled professionals to develop and deliver scalable, flexible and measurable results

IPR and NDA Protections

Difficulties in finding an outsourcing partner having defined security policies/ high-level of protection of the data and information security

Unlocking the Best Offshore Outsourcing

A leader in outsourcing services, Hai Technologies has been delivering technology-driven highly scalable solutions to varied industries. We know the hacks to make offshore outsourcing work as a vitamin for your business. Helping you map the right technology tailored to your biz and outperform the competition.

Our rich, pedigree like in-depth knowledge, technology leadership, understanding cultural differences, time-tested processes and integrated approach help us to succeed in every project we undertake.

Thrive in the ‘Digital World.’ Your Business—Our tech intelligence. Imbibe unique perspective to build idea into reality

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Featured Expertise in IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing is raining opportunities. The question is not whether to go for it instead finding the right partner to maximize business value from outsourcing


Consultancy approach, dedicated experienced project manager to resolve any type of issues. To enable seamless communication client has an access to project manager via email, instant messengers and phone

High Quality Standards

Well-defined standards for application verification and validation enables to deliver business-ready solutions successfully. Our proficiency in developing cost effective solutions, ensures optimum returns

Technical Expertise

Highly experienced team of project managers, technical architects, database developers, software programmers, testers and graphics designers allowing us to meet unique need with an advanced IT solutions

High-level Transparency

Our milestone based development plans ensure optimal involvement of clients for review, feedbacks and gain real time visibility on progress status. This enables high level of transparency of project status

Requirements Mechanism

We analyze requirements to understand customer expectations and develop prototype. Its purpose is to let the client feel the end solution and share their adjustment or changes at the very beginning

Value for Money

With flexible understanding we’ve enabled transformed outsourcing process. We believe “Outsourcing is a partnership enhanced with a collective leadership – committed to deliver sky-high satisfaction”

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