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Industry 4.0

Boost your cyber-physical systems through rapid digital transformation

Rework the intelligent networking of machines with us and gain control over your industrial value chain

Unlocking The Business Value of Industry 4.0

We are now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0, which revolutionizes the automation, monitoring, and analysis of supply chains through smart tools and technologies. Industry 4.0 is driven by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cyber-physical systems – smart, autonomous systems that use computer-based algorithms to analyze and control physical things like robots, machinery, and vehicles

Is Industry 4.0 Relevant for You?

Build connected value creation networks, enable real-time monitoring of assets and processes; and optimize autonomous decision making through emerging information and communication technology. You can:

  • Bring in rapid automation
  • Enable intelligent customization of products and services
  • Incorporate Industrial IoT to bridge physical and digital world discrepancies
  • Leverage the power of closed loop data systems
  • Redefine control systems with smart products

Hai Technologies’s Full Spectrum Industry 4.0 Solutions

Leverage the power of dominating Industry 4.0 technologies into your business processes. Identify the scope with emerging tech processes through our cutting-edge Industry 4.0 and industry IoT solutions:

Smart Products

Hai Technologies’s ‘smart’ products helps you deliver bespoke and intelligent business solutions by leveraging advanced IT and futuristic core capabilities for speeding up product innovation, monitoring engineering changes and for offering new and enhanced services through renewed capabilities.

Smart Assets

With Hai Technologies’s renewed capabilities, you can stay ahead of competition by avoiding inefficiency and downtimes. Augment your asset health with Industrial IoT, digital twins, AR and smart business analytics to energize onboarding assets in no time and optimizing predictive maintenance.

Smart Factories

Enhance the procedures of futuristic smart factories through real-time data and Hai Technologies’s power-packed autonomy. Employ emerging techniques like additive manufacturing for adapting to changing business needs and maximizing efficiency. We help the industry to improve safety, quality and profitability.

Empower People

Build a smart team by helping them monitor and manage complex tasks and sudden business crisis with ad hoc decision support. Employ the use of IoT monitoring, real-time analytics and geo-fencing for quick and rapid data analysis and decision making. It empowers you to control every aspect of operation.

Smart Manufacturing Can Be Your Next Move – Explore

Analyzing the need of smart manufacturing techniques and inventing scopes of how it can revolutionize your business processes can be a game changer in the age where most firms are inclined to apply industrial IOT

Supply Chain Management

Through Hai Technologies’s energized industry IoT, businesses can now gain greater control of data and visibility throughout the supply chain through real-time updates. Deliver quality software solutions faster and cheaper through leading supply chain management capabilities.

Predictive Analysis

Hai Technologies’s Industrial IoT solutions have the capability of predicting unforeseen problems through master data generation and analysis. These IoT systems automate predictive maintenance of your manufacturing systems and streamline solutions according to the crisis.

Superior Asset Tracking

Imbibe efficiency in your manufacturing systems across all stages of the supply chain through active monitoring and control systems. Keep a stock of quality and logistics through active inventory and asset management; gain better visibility and standardize risk management through streamlined adjustments.

Industry 4.0 – Explore the Advantages

The aim of Industrial IoT is to energize manufacturing and associated industries and making them more efficient and customer-focused, while sprinting at automation, detecting and optimizing new business opportunities.

Here are the benefits of Industry 4.0:

Enhanced Productivity

Save costs, increase profitability, reduce waste and automate processes to prevent errors and delays. Speed up production for real-time functioning of the overall value chain, digitize paper-based flows, and intervene faster in case of production issues.

High Business Continuity

Employ advanced monitoring possibilities and advanced maintenance, and guard your business reputation. Gain control over patterns and insights to optimize a world of new maintenance services.

Improved Agility

Leverage technologies like Big Data, AI, robots and cyber-physical systems to predict and meet seasonal demand, fluctuations in production, the possibility to downscale or upscale.

Real-time Data

Improve productivity through cost and process optimization and enhanced customer centricity. Enhance real-time economy by revitalizing real-time supply chains and deal with increased customer expectations through best quality service.

Smart Products

Enhance your production systems and their broader environments by hooking up smart sensors, IoT solutions, various systems of insight etc. to enhance quality of digital solutions.

New Streams of Revenue

Rapidly transform processes, specific functions, customer service, experiences and skillsets by tapping into new, information-intensive, revenue sources and ecosystems.

Industry 4.0 Consulting – Our Aim

From futuristic software solutions to innovative designs, building core competencies in emerging and aligned tech to building ‘systems of the future’, Hai Technologies’s 4.0 industrial consulting aims at making your processes more agile through scalable and sustainable digital supply chains.

Our Industry 4.0 Consulting harps at optimizing data systems through industrial IoT, master cyber-physical systems and disruptive AI by analyzing the true potential of these systems with regard to your business and identifying new opportunities for increasing productivity and revenue.

Enhance Business Capabilities with Hai Technologies

Hai Technologies’s smart Industrial IoT solutions imbibe flexibility and scalability into your production environment with the help of industry-specific software solutions designed to take care of manufacturing concerns, retail solutions and customer centricity

On-point Analytics

Fully customizable data analytics from Hai Technologies harps on your business needs and stacks up your digital business inventory besides helping in planning and optimizing your production environment through predictive data analytics.

Broad Scoped IoT

The Industrial IoT roped in by Hai Technologies are designed in a way that they promote automation, cross-business visibility right from sales to production and supply chain management. Get world-class manufacturing support and ease of integration.


Hai Technologies has leveraged mobile capabilities in its bespoke IoT solutions for ultra-responsiveness so that users can experience a seamless, touch-friendly user experience power-backed by flexible social tools.

Cloud-ready Architecture

Our data discovery systems are majorly cloud-ready designs with open APIs that guarantee easy integration. They facilitate easy cloud and on-premise deployment along with automated upgradation cycles to reduce manual processes.

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