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Healthcare Software Development Services

Build healthcare software to optimize diagnosis, daily treatments, and better workflows

Hai Technologies offers effective health management software by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to improve healthcare management and patient care horizons

Healthcare Software Development: From Ideation to Launch

As an award-winning healthcare software development agency, we follow an agile approach, from prototyping, development to deployment and maintenance to offer the best

Outsource Healthcare Software Development to Hai Technologies That Improves Care For

As a prominent custom healthcare software development company, we help you address your unique healthcare needs to deliver advanced digital medical services and patient care


Healthcare Providers

Bend with the curve to provide better healthcare services to your customers at an affordable cost. Our healthcare management solutions enable seamless collaboration, hassle-free management, and a better patient care experience


Payers are becoming the center-point of focus in healthcare landscape. Our smart hospital management system simplifies the complexity of emerging technology with healthcare software development solutions and makes informed decisions


Re-invent your business model with our hospital management software to optimize your business operations, increase your efficiency, and meet changes in IT technologies, consumer patterns and generate revenue

Custom Healthcare Software Development Services We Offer

Hai Technologies offers end-to-end healthcare software services to healthcare organizations, physicians, clinics, hospitals, digital health startups, and medical device infrastructures. Our expert healthcare software developers always put security first, ensuring to follow the best practices to provide different types of healthcare software

Healthcare Software Product Development

Our skilled healthcare software developers can easily build software products that are cloud-based SaaS models, MVPs and custom products, and even modernize your existing healthcare software solutions, tailored to your requirements

Custom Healthcare Software Development

We leverage our expertise in healthcare and pharmaceutical software development to provide HIPAA-compliant software development services that efficient medical workflows, automate hospital management, and improve project ROI

Healthcare CRM Software

Our end-to-end CRM software for healthcare can automate your medical operations, enhance the patient’s journey, and help you manage the patient portal effectively while delivering high-quality care with robust security in mind

Medical Device Software Development

As a prominent healthcare software solutions development company, our medical device software ensures to provide better monitoring of treatments, disease management, drug dosage calculation, and drug prescription recommendations

Healthcare Analytics Software

As one of the most experienced healthcare software providers, our data analytics software helps your business with accurate data analysis that improves decision-making speed and gives users the ability to prepare data without writing any code

Electronic Health Record Software

Our EHR software is optimized for mobile devices giving a seamless patient experience while booking an appointment or monitoring their treatments. Moreover, patients can easily access their dashboards on their mobile devices and check relevant information

Our Expertise: Cutting-Edge Healthcare Software Development


Our blockchain-based healthcare software solutions ensure the secure transfer of health records and clinical trials between private blockchains for a solid long-term investment

AI and ML

With the utilization of AI and ML, our technocrats help healthcare providers emulate human cognition in the analysis, reducing complex medical data processes and healthcare operations


We deliver comprehensive medical IoT solutions and cloud-powered infrastructure that not only improves operational efficiencies but creates a new revenue stream for you

mHealth Solutions

From remote diagnosis of patients to care management, our team will help you develop mobile-enables applications – mHealth apps that add value to your business

Medical Image Analysis

Our tailor-made solutions for clinics and researchers will help to identify diseases at an early stage. Eventually, that will help you reduce the risk of medical errors with medical image modalities

Robotic Process Automation

Our wide range of services in RPA services will help healthcare providers with routine tasks – patient requests, forms filling, appointment reminders, etc., reducing both time and cost

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Healthcare Software Development Company

As a prominent mobile healthcare software development company, we help medical organizations build custom mobile healthcare applications to take advantage of technology and get competitive benefits in the market. Our methodology of In agile software development healthcare ensures client involvement at every stage to deliver scalable solutions

Personalized Care

We deliver tailor-made telemedicine app development solutions, which provide personalized services and care to patients

High-Tech Solutions

Utilizing modern-age tools – AI, ML, Big Data, and Io, we make your world much healthier by providing maximum advantages

Support of DevOps

We build software that’s secure from the start. Our DevOps experts deploy software faster, reliable, and secure


Multi-Faceted Skills

Apart from bespoke software solutions in healthcare, we also provide various services to enhance your digital journey

Agile Software Development

We follow agile software development methodologies, including on-time delivery, visible progress, and 2-week sprints

Regulatory Compliance

We deliver healthcare software solutions in accordance with HIPAA and GDPR compliance that unlocks business efficiency

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