Designing a website is a creative yet fun task to do for any company or corporate business that one wishes to promote. A website needs to be attractive yet formal, as not to make it look too over-the-top or have it give off an unprofessional vibe. It must attract the viewers on what they seek regarding the specific brand/company. It should be designed in a way that will be easy for the customers to interact with the company and attract potential buyers.

Steps on building a website:

A website making comprises of so many steps but making a website in a cheap manner (and budget) comprises of only a few basic ones. There are total 5 steps that are needed to be followed for making a website design in Dubai cheaply:

Stage 1: Register your area name.

Stage 2: Setup your facilitating account.

Stage 3: Set the domain servers at the enlistment center.

Stage 4: Installing Word Press in a couple of snaps.

Stage 5: Configure Word Press.

For any organization, the site is an online shop for new clients. When you assemble a site, it must be obvious to clients so you get more activity and more deals


Approximate time for a site to load:

A moderately low-speed loading site will result in higher guest drop-out rate and in the long run less transformation. Taking a look at your site page weight is vital with over the top utilization of contents, overwhelming pictures, and flash records that expands the page’s weight. In a perfect world, attempt to keep most extreme page weight at around 130K for your landing page and 180K on every single other page of the website design in Dubai cheap.

The factors that control the financial plan of making a site:

  • The number of pages on the site that is the size.
  • The number and kinds of highlights your site will have.
  • The expected number of clients/activity on your site.
  • The innovation to be utilized to alter your site (the substance administration framework).
  • Marketing highlights, or the usage of a CRM, Email Marketing, Personalization or Automation.
  • Good, valuable content.

The cost of the site differs on a portion of these key components that make up your site and the time span it takes to manufacture or actualize them.


The size of the website design is as essential as it should be. The equivalent applies to the sites in Dubai. The measure of the site is going to specifically influence to what extent it takes to make and the amount it will cost. On the off chance that you have a 300 p300-page it will take any longer to work than a straightforward five page site. Likewise, with an extensive site there,e might be intelligence and connections between pages, which again makes the procedure more confounded and more.

Usage of colors on a website and what each color signifies:

This is where psychology is involved in HaiTechnologies kind of website Dubai design cheap. There are numerous colors that indicate different aspects of a mood or a behavior by an individual when they come in contact or witness that color. Here are few examples:

  • Red signifies alarming situations such as danger or fury.

  • Blue represents calmness.

  • Purple indicates sophistication.

  • Brown reflects earthy affection or safety.

  • Black gives off Goth and mourning vibes.

  • White gives off the aura of purity, loss and freedom.

Make sure the color you use for your website matches with the brand and its content and attract the customers.


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